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In no particular order or weight the relevant selection criteria includes but is not limited to:

  • Companies with strong management and qualified, experienced leaders that will make a commitment to the region.

  • Businesses operating in large and growing markets in the high technology industries including but not limited to computer hardware and software, energy, manufacturing, defense, educational and financial industries as well as companies whose breadth and depth of technology can be translated into a broad product or commercial offering.

  • Companies that utilize sustainable business models that show superior technology or strategic or competitive industry advantages.

  • Companies with a forecast-able exit in 3 to 5 years that will result in private equity type of returns for the fund’s investors.

  • Companies with financially attractive valuations and / or investment structure.

The Fund shall generally make investments in early stage companies.  Companies outside of this description may on occasion be considered.

Executing from Initial Investment to Liquidity


Fund Managers will be actively involved in corporate governance and management support.  The Fund Managers will work closely with the management and other stakeholders to help guide strategy on the path from investment to liquidity.  As such the Fund Managers will endeavor to implement the following process for adding value to the investment.


The six step process being implemented in the Fund is set forth below.


1.  Value Creation through Operational Change and Deep Industry Expertise –

Fund Manager has the experience and capability to draw from internal and external resources and deliver value-added support to Portfolio Companies. This support may take any or all of several forms including but not limited to:  (i) development of revised business plans and financial forecasting models; (ii) assistance with the leasing and outfitting (including the procurement of appropriate technological and communications infrastructure) of work space; (iii) formulation of right-sized administrative processes; (iv) assistance in the planning and procurement of employee benefits, insurance, accounting and administrative support; (v) legal and strategic planning; (vi) assistance in the recruitment and reference checking of management and staff; (vii) consultation with respect to additional marketing research and analysis; (viii) consultation with respect to the design, development and protection of proprietary technology; (ix) structuring and development of strategic and supply chain relationships; or (x) business development activities.


2.  Obtaining corporate partners and/or endorsements – As applicable the Managing Member will pursue corporate partnerships or endorsements that benefit the growth and or value of the investment.  These endorsements can be in the form of distribution agreements, technology development efforts, equity investments, long-term purchase commitments and strategic partnerships.


3. Early exposure to specialty investment bankers -

 Managing Member will work with portfolio companies to introduce them to the investment banking community, including investment banks with which the Managing Member has formal or informal cooperative relationships or agreements


4.  Expansion of the product line – 

Managing Member will work closely with management to ensure the development of multiple promising products.


5.  Implementation of “Best Practices” – 

Managing Member will work with Portfolio Companies to identify and benchmark “best practices” within the relevant industry and market in order to eliminate system risk not related to management’s ability to execute its business plan. This chart reflects the many issues identified with generating a successful investment outcome. 

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