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About One Logos (Red Kite)

Manage All Your Financial Aid in One Place
Red Kite helps you find, apply for and track your financial aid,
find and apply for scholarships, gov't aid and education loans,
manage your applications to meet your cost of attendance goal, And
sign up for reminders and easy-to-follow “To Do” items.

We’re a money-matching machine.

Sign up and the Red Kite Matching Engine instantly searches through $20 billion in scholarships to find the opportunities that fit your profile. That saves you hours of time and potentially thousands of dollars in tuition. What could be smarter?


We’re an easy-to-use site.

Once you’ve filled out a profile, our site lets you easily view all your matches, selections and financial aid options. Any time you want, you can:

  • Log on to review your choices, make edits or bookmark scholarships.

  • Compare costs between colleges.

  • Track your scholarship and loan applications.

  • See how close you are to meeting the cost of attendance at the colleges of your choice.

  • Compare loan terms.

  • Access a customized to-do list.

  • Sign up for to-do reminders.



We’re a valuable resource.

Red Kite is here to make paying for college easier. Whether you’re a student, parent or educator, we have tools, guides and blogs to de-mystify the financial aid process and help you get all the money you deserve. We’ll show you ways to afford the college of your choice, through free money, loans or a combination. So stop stressing, and start applying!

Achievements to Date

  • Built T6, a web based college financial-aid planning platform. (ie.. Red Kite)

  • Built a college ready portal

  • Built a financial aid platform for banks and credit unions

  • Proof of concept is completed and now working on scaling operation…

     -Recruited 126k  students to OATA base

     - Scholarship/ Grant base is $20 billion

     -Loan capacity is $20 million

     -2015 Revenue $492K

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