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About Indigo Biosciences 

Indigo Biosciences, Inc. is the leading provider of Nuclear Receptor Assay kits and screening services in the biopharmaceutical industry. Founded in 2005, INDIGO has grown from a small custom screening company for drug discovery and active ingredient determination to selling products in North America, Europe, and Asia through a network of leading distributors worldwide. INDIGO’s screening services and Frozen Single-Use Assay products give the user the ability to easily test for potential efficacy and to understand potential risks for toxicity or unwanted side-effects in the development of new biopharmaceutical products. INDIGO’s proprietary cryo-preservation process - CryoMite™ allows INDIGO to ship assay products all over the world. Markets for INDIGO products include biotech, pharmaceutical, and Contract Research Organizations (CROs) as well as academic and government researchers studying nuclear receptors, with a tertiary markets in the nutritional and chemical industry. INDIGO’s products and services increase the accuracy and decrease the cost, time and risks associated with the development of a new biopharmaceutical products for companies such as Johnson and Johnson, GlaxoSmithKline, etc. AGSM and its investors are in the process of raising $3.5 million to provide INDIGO Biosciences growth capital.

Achievements to Date: 

  • Expanded # of nulear receptors to the largest offering in the world and at the highest quality.

  • Expanded into new markets including toxicology.

  • Generated a EBITDA of greater than $400k

  • Expanding into Europe including at least three major distributors

  • Raising capital to continue expansion and possibly two new acquisitions 

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