About T. Worx Ventures

T.Worx Ventures (formerly Prototype Production Venture Holdings, Inc.) is a firm that specializes in commercializing three technologies created by Prototype Productions, LLC. AGSM and its investors invested approximately $11.0 million in the multiple PPI technologies through PPIV Venture Holdings, LLC. PPI has conveyed ownership, all rights, and patents of its technology in these products to the new entity. Initially, three separate and unique technologies are available as part of this new venture. They include:

  • Accessory Rail Communication and Power Transfer System (ARC-PT) – in response to an ARMY SBIR initiative, PPI has created a new powered picatinny rail system that eliminates the use of batteries for the M4 carbine currently in use in the field. This system generates huge cost reductions and supply chain efficiencies as well as benefits the U.S and NATO war fighter in weight, communications and accessory use.

  • Corbit Tool – copyrighted as “Adaptable Rigidity” this device was developed as an answer to machining issues associated with commercial drill bit efficiency and access. This is a disruptive technology designed to eliminate the need for multiple changes to drill heads and increases efficiency of certain CAD/CAM machining at least 30%. Utilizing this tool, the user would experience both a cost reduction and enhance the productivity of the manufacturing process.

PPI provides support in the development and manufacturing of product prototypes based on new ideas in a variety of technological areas including aerospace, medical, security, and industrial as well as for the Defense industry. PPI works with inventors, entrepreneurs and early stage companies to assist in the development of their product as well as assist them in the manufacturing and commercialization of that product. Prototype Production, Inc. with plants in Ashburn, Virginia and Gaithersburg, Maryland has partnered with over 100 clients including Lockheed Martin/ARC, Lucent Technologies, Johns Hopkins University, Bausch and Lomb and the US Army, US Navy, US Marine Corp and the Coast Guard. In 2010, Prototype Production, Inc. was awarded the 2010 VA Governor’s Award for Science Innovation.

Achievements to Date

  • Developed the technology to be an “Intelligent Rail” Attributes that can transmit DATA to command centers. 

  • NATO has selected the powered rail as their standard platform.

  • Established a strategic partnership with Beretta who designed new rifle platform models to utilize the Intelligent Rail.

  • Received Support from the Department of Defense for over $4.0 million of technology development.

  • Establishing strategic partnership with 23 arms manufacturers

  • Establishes a path for standardization of the technology throughout the Department of Defense with platforms where it makes sense. Expect standardization in 2017. 

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