kWantera, LLC is a predictive "Big Data" analytics company serving a wide variety of customers, including process industries, and financial services firms. We improve the accuracy and quality of critical, real-time decisions driven by large, complex and disparate data sources. We developed a real-time predictive analytics platform using large-scale distributed computing, and machine learning that aids real-time decision. SmartFusion Analytics platform relies on four sub-systems capable of taking disparate data streams, fusing them, analyzing them, and providing accurate and real-time predictions and recommendations – all at a reasonable cost. Through the development of products such as SmartPQM and SmartDR, we are able to assist a variety of businesses and industries such as Allegheny Technologies, Accenture, and Carnegie Mellon Universities in the reduction of power consumption, improved continuity of operations and on-demand response to power needs. AGSM is providing a bridge loan for kWantera and expects to invest in their growth round in the summer of 2011.

Achievements to Date

  • Recruited a $3.5 million investment by GE Ventures

  • Negotiated a revenue sharing agreement with GE Renewables.

  • Created a number of new products to assist customers in optimizing energy costs including Faraday, Dart and Peak.

  •  Created revenue sharing agreement with several energy wholesalers.

  • Established an Energy Hedge Fund kWantix for trading on the electrical and gas spot markets for company profits. 

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