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About Chesapeake Bay Roasting Company

Chesapeake Bay Roasting Company (CBRC) was established in January of 2002. The idea behind developing our brand was simple; create high quality coffee and contribute it to environmental issues and community events that directly impact the health of our regional treasure, the Chesapeake Bay.

We make a direct connection between our delicious specialty coffee and the health of our watershed and our community by supporting local environmental organizations by raising funding and awareness about the condition of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed as well as providing free coffee and tea to many community events throughout Maryland, DC and Virginia.

Public awareness of the Chesapeake Bay’s condition increases each day and today’s generation is taking major steps in the restoration of the bay’s ecosystem. Much work is being done to ensure that our watershed is preserved for our children and future generations. We couldn’t take on a name like Chesapeake Bay Roasting Company without being a part of the plan.

Our Coffee

We start off by selecting only the highest quality, specialty-grade coffees from coffee growing regions around the globe.

This ensures that the cup quality we attain will exceed your expectations each and every time you drink a cup of CBRC coffee. Prior to bringing in any coffee it must pass a rigourous group guidelines and quality standards that we perform in our lab. We meticulously roast, cup and score each of the coffee samples we bring in before committing to a single bag of coffee for production.

Of course, the solid relationships we have with our buyers have been built over the years and we have significant amount of confidence and trust in their recommendations. After selecting our core line-up of coffees, the real fun begins - blending, roasting, branding, marketing and distribution.

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