Portfolio Companies



AGSM and its Opportunity Fund investors have invested in eight portfolio companies as of August 2016. The Eight companies are described below and are listed by their historical closing date.



T.WORX Ventures: T.Worx Ventures (formerly Prototype Production Venture Holdings, Inc.) is a firm that specializes in commercializing three technologies created by Prototype Productions, LLC. AGSM and its investors invested approximately $11.0 million in the multiple PPI technologies through PPIV Venture Holdings, LLC. PPI has conveyed ownership, all rights, and patents of its technology in these products to the new entity. Initially, three separate and unique technologies are available as part of this new venture.



Indigo Biosciences: This life science company produces nuclear receptor assay trays based on patented technology and provides research services for the Pharmaceutical industry.  Currently, $1.3 million is invested in IBI. Note: The Company is currently expanding the breadth of products and services, and expanding into the E.U., to enhance its sales and valuation.



Westmoreland Advanced Materials, Inc:   The company was formed to develop and commercialize highly specialized refractory ceramic materials based upon advanced and innovative technologies. The WAM products are able to reduce customer's energy use in the aluminum industry by up to 46% and lower maintenance costs. The initial investment into WAM was $300,000.



The Accipiter Systems, Inc:  The company has created the industry's first photonic switching fabric for data centers.  The company's product is poised to radically transform the data center switching market, providing multiple orders of magnitude in performance improvement over market-leading data center networking products. Accipiter Systems FabricZero™ photonic fabric solves network bottlenecking issues and management problems caused by common electronic data center switches. The initial investment into ASI was $1.3 million with expectations that another PE firm or strategic partner will co-invest and lead a new venture.



OneLogos Education Solutions: The portfolio company provides vertical software and services to:

  • Connect Students and families to responsible sources of financial aid

  • Assist high-school counselors and educators in helping students prepare for college

  • Manage a turn-key platform for credit unions to enter the student loan market and provide additional financial aid.



ForeFront Products Designs, LLC:   ForeFront Product Designs developed Smart Pressure Technology™ providing a technology breakthrough for products that use compressed air in low pressure, portable applications. The initial product offering includes the most advanced line of compressed air spray systems for the commercial markets: branded as the Green Gorilla Advanced Spray Systems®. AGSM has closed an interim raise of $500K expects to raise a total of $650K


Green Gorilla:  

The Powered Sprayers You've Always Wanted

Work faster, safer, and use less valuable chemicals with Industrial Grade Lithium Ion Battery Pump Sprayers.
• Smart Pressure Technology™

• Sprays smooth, steady, with less overspray

• Rechargeable lithium ion battery power

• Rugged construction

• Options to fit every industry

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