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The AGSM Opportunity Fund


is a private equity program which is implemented and managed by AGSM, LLC for the purpose of investing in or acquiring small to medium sized privately held companies.  AGSM focuses on providing growth capital for early stage businesses that are privately held companies with revenues of approximately $500,000 to $10 million. AGSM believes the micro market segment has been largely ignored by larger private equity firms and presents a unique investment opportunity.  Through management and financial support, sales growth strategies, and operational improvements, AGSM strives to position these companies to excel to a level where they could be sold to larger private equity funds or strategic buyers, resulting in superior returns for Investors.

The primary focus is on technology-oriented businesses with extensive intellectual property that provide the opportunity to create value based on the vision and knowledge of the on-site management team, and their ability to leverage additional capital.  AGSM expects to add value as a strategic partner with the management teams by making available the skills and experience of AGSM’s Managing Directors and Program Advisors.  AGSM will also selectively consider supporting unique start-up opportunities.

Allied Growth & Strategic Management's vision for the future:

Our target investments are micro to medium size growth businesses that emphasize technology or have extensive intellectual property and offer significant rapid growth potential.  We seek companies that provide the opportunity to create value based on the vision and knowledge of the management team as well as the ability to leverage enhanced capital resources.

Through a partnership with the on-site management team, we strive to effect operational and strategic change through the support, expertise and management experience of AGSM Managing Directors and Program Advisors.Our Managing Directors and Program Advisors also strive to provide strong influence on the exit plan.

Our vision is to grow our invested capital to $250 million by 2024.

We focus on businesses needing capital in the Mid-Atlantic region including PA, DE, MD, VA, DC, NJ, and NY.

Our goal is to generate a minimum internal rate of return for Opportunity Fund Investors of 25% after AGSM expenses. 

Our Core Values


Many companies tout their core values publicly and use them as a marketing piece; rarely do company “core values” reflect the true core values of the individuals comprising the company.

At AGSM, our confidence in our performance is derived from knowing that the owners, directors and managers all share certain core values that serve as the basis of all of our decisions. When difficult times arise, we can turn to these core values, the essence of who we are collectively, for guidance:



the state of being whole - in mind, character and spirit. We are incorruptible. Honesty, truth and honor are our backbone.


 with several veterans on the team, we are committed to deliver on our promises and to give a full measure of devotion to our our fuel. It is what drives us individually and collectively. We have a passion for it.


apart from friendliness and generosity, the concept of kindness also implies selflessness, putting the needs of others in front of our own. Once we selectively align ourselves in a relationship, we are unwavering in our service.


is our fuel. It is what drives us individually and collectively. We have a passion for it. Success is only a moment in time. Once we have a success, we set new goals; we seek new relationships, ways to improve and ways to grow.


we appreciate that we are nothing without the support of others and we respect everyone we deal with. We let our achievements speak for themselves, while maintaining a quiet confidence and faith in our strengths, abilities and judgment.

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