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Advanced marketing strategies

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portfolio company (i.e. expand the number of patients to protect the core business)


National community of disruptive technologies serving the private sector & federal government 


development of technology and patients



AGSM Venture Capital Services are managed by AGSM, LLC, an investment group dedicated to the people behind disruptive technologies and innovation. We establish strategic partnerships with early-stage companies through strategic capital investment (Series A Round or higher). 
Our managing directors have a history of thought leadership, with substantial experience across business, operations, finance, marketing, technology, research & development, sales, and go to market. All activities involved in managing, building, and continually improving a successful investment portfolio, are the managing director's primary responsibility. Each portfolio company has a unique business model that is developed for long term capital optimization and sustainability
AGSM will operate as a Commitment Program whereby the Opportunity Fund investors agree to invest in individual businesses. The total capital currently invested is approx. $35 million with over 150 Opportunity Fund investors. The goal is to provide venture capital type of returns on investment.


Donald C. Belt


Sean Reineke

Investment Committee Chairman

Thomas J. Kozlowski

Chris Bossi


Robert P. Culhane


Dan Doorley

Michael J. O’Donnell

Founding Partner

Allen Potter


Charles A. Wilcox

Investment Committee

David J. Bell

Investment Committee

Mark O’Donnell

Manager N. America West

Investment Committee

Clifford G. Benson

Board of Managers

Investment Committee

Michael Urban

Investment Committee


Ronald W. Frank

Founding Partner

Steve Cherin

Founding Partner

Kenneth L. Urish

Managing Partner

David Iwinski Jr.

Managing Director

Catherine V. Mott

CEO/Founder/Managing Partner



AGSM will focus on equity recapitalizations and investments in early-stage companies with revenues of approximately $500K to $50 million. We will look for businesses with significant rapid growth potential that provide the opportunity to create value. The primary focus will be on technology-oriented businesses that provide the opportunity for rapid growth and strong returns based on market research, leadership, performance, execution, vision, and knowledge of the management team. 
AGSM expects to add value by being strategic partners with management teams. A partnership reinforced by the availability of our managing directors, their diverse skills, integrity, commitment, and experience. AGSM intends to invest from $1.0 to $8.0 million (an average investment of $3.0 million) in a single growth or expansion capital investment and take an influential equity interest in the operating company. 
AGSM seeks to generate superior returns through the long-term capital appreciation of its equity investments. As such, the financial strategy of the program is to capitalize on operational companies with conservative levels of debt, provide capital to focus on expansion opportunities and profitability improvements, and consider strategic relationships and acquisitions as part of the overall business model. It is anticipated that each such investment will be held for three to five years.



The company has created the industry's first photonic switching fabric for data centers.  The company's product is poised to radically transform the data center switching market, providing multiple orders of magnitude in performance improvement over market-leading data center networking products. Accipiter Systems FabricZero™ photonic fabric solves network bottlenecking issues and management problems caused by common electronic data center switches. The initial investment into ASI was $1.3 million with expectations that another PE firm or strategic partner will co-invest and lead a new venture.

Providing the most convenient one-stop shop for automotive aftermarket services.  All Things Automotive is a highly trusted integrator of aftermarket service in multiple markets by virtue of our technical expertise, candor, and friendliness.  We are unique in being the only provider with parts on hand, skilled technicians, and used cars still under the original factory warranty.

Automotive Relationships through convenience value and education

Averatek Corporation develops and licenses advanced manufacturing processes for a variety of electronic products including: very high density printed circuit boards, semiconductor packaging and RF and millimeter wave passive components. In addition, Averatek develops and sells the key chemistry that enables these advanced manufacturing processes.

This life science company produces nuclear receptor assay trays based on patented technology and provides research services for the Pharmaceutical industry.  Currently, $1.3 million is invested in IBI. Note: The Company is currently expanding the breadth of products and services, and expanding into the E.U., to enhance its sales and valuation.

The portfolio company provides vertical software and services to:

Connect Students and families to responsible sources of financial aid

Assist high-school counselors and educators in helping students prepare for college

Manage a turn-key platform for credit unions to enter the student loan market and provide additional financial aid.

T-Worx is a Washington, D.C. metro area high technology company serving the military and commercial markets. T-Works has patented technology with unique hardware and software products geared towards portable media, communications, and power storage for the firearms market. T-Worx also has a high-technology contract engineering business with a notable and diverse client based. T-Worx’ principal product set is directed toward the military and commercial customers with proprietary components that convert conventional firearms into a smart[1]weapons. There is also a substantial market for the T-Worx solution on upgrades for firearms presently in use by the military and commercial customers. AGSM has approx. $15 million into TWorx.

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